Exploring the Garden of Uzza: Death, Burial and Ideologies by Francesca Stavrakopoulou

By Francesca Stavrakopoulou

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House had been locked up of the and sealed by Consular authority, as soon as Mrs. Worsley died. were The carpets and moth-eaten, all the curtains was furniture covered with dust, the place was swarming with rats and vermin, while snakes and jackals abounded in the twelve acres of rocky terraces that surrounded the house, and belonged to The paths and the estate. grown with long inhabited thistles terraces were over- and thorns, thickly by a gorgeous variety lovely of caterpillars and and remarkable grasshoppers and mar- ants, of butterflies, of curious beetles vellous specimens of the praying mantis.

On the 1910 that the Rev. Campbell paid a mud flat, roof visit to We stood together the of Ain Anub schoolhouse, admiring the beautiful scenery and the pic- turesque villages that nestled amongst the trees of this Lebanon. of Druze I well-wooded told him villages I of had portion the large visited of the number where there were no schools and no missionary work of any sort being done. "Here," I said, "was a unique opportunity for the Church of England to take up an important work amongst a people that would give us a hearty welcome.

And was never able numbers of was a Druze She was stone deaf to learn the Arabic lan- guage, so entrusted everything to the care of an English coachman, who, though undoubtedly a faithful servant at strain of so varied first, was unequal to the a set of responsibilities A Ruin Restored and gradually succumbed of this Eastern village. 35 to the evil influences Mrs. Worsley had brought from England in a huge pantechnicon the whole of her valuable, private furniture. A special jetty had be erected at Beyrout to for landing this extraordinary waggon, and for three days fourteen mules were employed to drag this heavy, cumbersome vehicle along the nine miles of winding roads that the Lebanon Anub.

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