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For greater than 2,000 years, the center Sutra has been of primary significance to hundreds of thousands of Buddhists. no matter if memorized, chanted, or studied, this sacred textual content is frequently seemed to for concept. according to talks the Dalai Lama gave within the spring of 2001, Essence of the guts Sutra is a masterful translation of the Dalai Lama's teachings and reflections at the center Sutra, teachings that offer clean insights on a mainstay of Buddhist perform. as well as offering the phrases of the Dalai Lama, this ebook additionally brings jointly an outline of Buddhism, heritage fabric, and whole commentaries to explain the lessons and position them of their right context. those bonus fabrics make Essence of the guts Sutra a publication that may be valued by way of novices in addition to one who offers pro Buddhists with many pleasant new proof and concepts. A deeply profound and robust booklet, Essence of the center Sutra presents important techniques on find out how to take pleasure in life's undertaking.

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So, let us take a moment to examine the phenomenal nature of experience. We can divide all conscious experience into two broad categories: sensory experience pertaining to the eye, ear, nose, tongue, and body; and experience of the mind itself. Sensory consciousness brings us experiences of physical pain, which we identify and experience as suffering, and experiences of physical pleasure, which we identify and experience as happiness. Our sensory consciousness can thus bring us a certain kind of suffering and happiness.

Certain actions, such as those on the level of reflexes or biological processes, are entirely beyond conscious control and thus morally or karmicly neutral. However, our more significant actions necessarily stem from a motive or intention and are either destructive or helpful. Destructive acts are motivated by disturbed states of mind, that is to say, by a mind dominated by the afflictions. In the entire history of human society, it is these mental afflictions, these undisciplined states of mind, that underlie all of humanity’s destructive acts—from the smallest act of killing a fly to the greatest atrocities of war.

One could say that the ethical teachings of a faith tradition are the conclusions supported and validated by the process of the metaphysical or philosophical thinking. Although the world’s religions differ widely in terms of metaphysics and philosophy, the conclusions these differing philosophies arrive at—that is, their ethical teachings—show a high degree of convergence. In this sense, we can say that regardless of whatever metaphysical explanations religious traditions employ, they all reach similar conclusions.

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