El porvenir de una ilusión (Taurus Great Ideas) by Sigmund Freud

By Sigmund Freud

Este estudio de los angeles religión de los angeles mano del psicoanalista más célebre del siglo XX examina el papel que l. a. fe puede desempeñar en los angeles vida del hombre, lo que significa para nosotros y por qué, como especie, tendemos hacia ella.

nice rules A lo largo de l. a. historia, algunos libros han cambiado el mundo. Han transformado l. a. manera en que nos vemos a nosotros mismos y a los demás. Han inspirado el debate, los angeles discordia, l. a. guerra y los angeles revolución. Han iluminado, indignado, provocado y consolado. Han enriquecido vidas, y también las han destruido. Taurus publica las obras de los grandes pensadores, pioneros, radicales y visionarios cuyas principles sacudieron los angeles civilización y nos impulsaron a ser quienes somos.

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Infantile sexuality is the pursuit of pleasure obtained through the activity of any and all organs of the human body. So defined, the ultimate essence of our desires and our being is nothing more or less than delight in the active life of all the human body. That this is Freud's notion becomes abundantly clear if we examine the specific nature of the "perverse" components in infantile sexuality. They include the pleasure of touching, of seeing, of muscular activity, and even the passion for pain.

Adult sexuality, in so far as it is restricted by rules designed to maintain the institution of the family and in so far as the desire for sexual satisfaction is diverted and exploited for the purpose of maintaining a socially useful institution, is a clear instance of that subordination of the pleasure-principle to the reality-principle which is repression; as such it is rejected by the unconscious essence of the human being and therefore leads to neurosis. 4 Prolonged infancy has even more far-reaching consequences.

Perhaps the time is now ripe when the mystic can break the glass through which he sees all things darkly, and the rationalist can break the glass through which he sees all things clearly, and both together can enter the kingdom of psychological reality. The doctrine that play is the essential mode of activity of a free or of a perfected or of a satisfied humanity has obvious implications for social reform. Over a hundred years ago the utopian socialist Fourier tried to work out the structure of a society in which work had been transformed into play; his influence can be seen in some of the early writings of Marx, which call for the abolition of labor as a necessary precondition for the emancipation of genuinely free and genuinely human self-activity.

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