Dungeon Keeper 2 (Prima's Official Strategy Guide) by IMGS Inc


You're fiddling with the massive boys now, Keeper. This e-book grants the entire aspect you'll ever need!

• Deep down and soiled secrets and techniques of overall dungeon management
• Maps of each realm, exhibiting each creature, each catch, each secret
• entire stats on all creatures, heroes, spells, and traps
• a close walkthrough of the full campaign
• every little thing you want to understand to construct the suitable lethal Dungeon

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I wanna be foreman sum day. Supervisor’s Comments The Troll is attracted by a functional Workshop. He isn’t the most obvious combat creature, as he is less than resilient and does little damage to enemies. However, he is a brave creature, and being a Blocker, will hold his ground and try to stop anyone from passing. Outside of combat, there is no doubt that the Troll should be in the Workshop. He is an extremely efficient manufacturer of Traps and Doors, and will toil there without complaint. 70 7 33 10 78 7 700 24 10 1250 42 Psychological Profile Level Fear threshold Threat Points Time to convert (sec) Assist jailbreak?

This is the only natural creature rivalry in these realms. This discontent can be minimized by providing your former heroes with separate Lairs, Hatcheries and Training Rooms from your Portal creatures. Correspondences Several heroic creatures correspond closely to certain of your Portal monsters. Sometimes the relationship is basically that of a double (Black Knight/Knight, Dark Elf/Elven Archer); at other times it’s more of an opposite (Mistress/Fairy, Vampire/Monk). a. a. 6 Recruitment Prospects Productivity Assessment Level 1 4 Pay (gold/10 min) Doesn’t need pay EPs/sec (fighting) 20 EPs/sec (training) 4 Psychological Profile Level Fear threshold Threat Points Time to convert (sec) Assist jailbreak?

Supervisor’s Comments The Warlock is attracted by a functional Library. He is the prime Support creature. He can support frontline troops in two ways — in addition to his ability to lob spells at the enemy, he also has the power to Heal others in combat. Be sure to drop him a distance away from the enemy, because he is very weak defensively, and can be killed very quickly. His natural place is in the Library, either researching new spells or upgrading existing ones. Don’t forget to train him, however, as his ability to Heal comes only after at least minimal training.

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