Children's dreams : from Freud's observations to modern by Freud, Sigmund; Colace, Claudio; Freud, Sigmund

By Freud, Sigmund; Colace, Claudio; Freud, Sigmund

"This ebook goals to give a examine at the reality and empirical worth of Freud's dream idea, whether simply throughout the research of a particular a part of it - the hypotheses approximately kid's desires. It presents a scientific description of Freud's observations on baby dreaming and offers the implications bought from 4 empirical reports on kid's goals that the writer performed through the span of a decade."  Read more...

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268). Again with respect to the methodology used to collect and analyse children’s dreams, Freud stated at least twice that in order to understand children’s dreams there is no need to apply psychoanalytic techniques or to question children. In his lectures at Clark University, he affirmed: Small children always dream of the fulfilment of wishes that were aroused in them the day before but not satisfied. You will need no interpretative art in order to find this simple solution; all you need do is to enquire into child’s experiences on the previous day (the “dream-day”).

While, in adults, dreams are supposedly caused by an unconscious wish (of childish origin), in children, wishes originate from the consciousness sphere. On this, Freud confirmed in 1905 the difference in the dynamics of the dream formation process between adults and children: Experience derived from analyses—and not the theory of dreams— informs us that in children any wish left over from waking life is sufficient to call up a dream, which emerges as connected and ingenious but usually short, and which is easily recognized as a “wishfulfilment”.

Under the influence of imperative needs, adults may also produce dreams of this infantile type [Freud, 1925d, p. 46] In the same period, Freud re-stated his thesis that adults also may have “dreams of hunger [p. ], dreams stimulated by thirst [p. ] or by excretory needs” against the accusations levied against psychoanalysis that “all dreams have a sexual content” (Freud, 1900a, pp. 160–161, fn. 1, added 1925). “Infantile” adult dreams The term “infantile” dream, sometimes used by Freud as synonym for dreams of children, is also a term that designates the type of adult dreams which show the same characteristics as children’s dreams (Freud, 1916–1917, p.

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