Time-dependency in rock mechanics and rock engineering by Ömer Aydan

By Ömer Aydan

This booklet is worried with time-dependency in rock mechanics and rock engineering, whose spectrum is particularly broad. whereas the time period “time-dependency” includes time-dependent behavior/rate-dependent habit of rocks in a standard feel, this books makes an attempt to hide the spectrum up to attainable together with coupled techniques of thermal, hydrological and diffusions in rocks. It provides theoretical formulations, experiments, numerical formula and examples of purposes. Of paramount main issue is the long term reaction and balance of rock engineering buildings, together with for example man-made and typical slopes and underground amenities equivalent to tunnels and powerhouses.

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Quantum Physics, Fuzzy Sets and Logic: Steps Towards a by Jaroslaw Pykacz

By Jaroslaw Pykacz

This short provides steps in the direction of elaborating a brand new interpretation of quantum mechanics according to a selected model of Łukasiewicz infinite-valued common sense. It starts with a brief survey of major interpretations of quantum mechanics already proposed, in addition to quite a few versions of many-valued logics and former makes an attempt to use them for the outline of quantum phenomena. the potential many-valued interpretation of quantum mechanics is soundly in response to a theorem in regards to the isomorphic illustration of Birkhoff-von Neumann quantum common sense within the type of a different Łukasiewicz infinite-valued common sense endowed with in part outlined conjunctions and disjunctions.

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