Building a Successful Palestinian State by RAND


A serious mass of Palestinians and Israelis, in addition to the U.S., Russia, the ecu Union, and the United international locations, stay dedicated to the institution of a Palestinian country. The authors, learn in goal fasion the necessities for growing and holding profitable statehood through the first decade of Palestine's independence.

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3 Nevertheless, a critical mass of Palestinians and Israelis, as well as the United States, Russia, the European Union, and the United Nations, remains committed to the establishment of a Palestinian state. This book proposes options for structuring the institutions of a future Palestinian state, so as to ensure as far as possible the state’s success. This study does not examine how an independent Palestinian state might be created, nor does it explore the process or terms of a settlement that would lead to its creation.

The requirements for external assistance estimated in this study are considered essential to enable a Palestinian state to succeed. However, the availability of such resources should not be assumed at a time when many donor countries around the world are in, or are just coming out of, a recessionary period that has resulted in very tight budgets. This limited availability of resources places a special burden on the new state and intensifies the need for it to succeed quickly in the eyes of the international community—particularly among providers of private investment capital.

As the “two-state solution” gained legitimacy internationally and among Palestinians living in the West Bank and Introduction 5 Gaza, the PLO formally changed course in 1988, recognized Israel, and proclaimed a Palestinian state based on the earlier UN partition resolution. This evolution in Palestinian goals was pushed further with the 1993 exchange of recognition letters between Israel and the PLO and the establishment of the Palestinian Authority (PA) by the Oslo Accords. 7 Of course, even a small number of rejectionists can be dangerous, as the past decade has shown.

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