Blackjack Secrets by Stanford Wong

By Stanford Wong

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The running count is now +2. Since about 2/3 of the deck remains unseen, you divide by 2/3. This is the same as multiplying by 3/2. It gives a count per deck of +3. You need to only approximate the count per deck. You do not need an exact count of the number of cards remaining. If you had seen roughly half a deck in a single-deck game, a running count of +2 would translate to a count per deck of about +4. 5 gives 4/ 3). A rough estimate of the count per deck suffices for decisions because you need to know only whether it exceeds an integer in a table.

If you follow my advice (coming later in this book) of leaving a table on a negative count, you will seldom encounter counts per deck of less than -1. Therefore, the tables in this book include decision numbers only from -1 to +6. For a wider range of decision numbers, use Blackjack Count Analyzer. The decisions are discussed in the order in which you make them at a casino: insurance, surrender, pair splits, double down, and hit or stand. The decision numbers in this book are derived for multiple decks with the dealer standing on soft seventeen, and are also very close for one deck or with the dealer hitting soft seventeen.

If you are playing blackjack at a casino that does not offer surrender, or if you are not allowed to surrender due to having more than two cards, then hit those hands for which table 1 advises surrender. Insurance Table 1 does not show insurance. Basic strategy says never take insurance. Even ifyou have a natural, you are better off not insuring it: You are better off 38 BLACKJACK SECRETS winning 3:2 most of the time than winning even money for sure. Ifyou have a natural yourself, insurance gives you a sure winner (and thus is sometimes called "even money") but you still should not buy it; you are ahead in the long run taking a chance on a push or winning 150% of your bet.

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