Basic Electronics: Theory and Practice by Sean Westcott

By Sean Westcott

Designed for either the scholar and hobbyist, this ebook is an creation to the speculation and perform of electronics together with advances in microcontrollers, sensors, and instant conversation. each one bankruptcy includes a short lab to illustrate the subject lined then strikes directly to the ultimate half which mixes the data mastered through development a programmable robotic (Arduino and Netduino). The spouse disc contains movies of the labs, soldering abilities, and code samples for programming of the robotic.

Covering either the speculation and its functional program, this article leads the reader in the course of the uncomplicated technology techniques underlying electronics, development simple circuits, studying the jobs of the elements, the applying of electronic concept, and the chances for innovation via combining sensors, vehicles, and microcontrollers. The e-book contains appendices on arithmetic for electronics, a timeline of electronics innovation, careers in electronics, and a thesaurus.

Includes a spouse disc with eighteen video tutorials on currents, soldering, strength provide, resistors, decoder circuits, and more

  • Leads the reader via an introductory realizing of electronics with uncomplicated labs after which progressing to the development of a microcontroller-driven robotic utilizing open resource software program and (Netduino and Arduino versions)
  • Presents theoretical recommendations in a conversational tone, through hands-on labs to have interaction readers by way of proposing sensible applications
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    C H A P T E R 1 THE THEORY BEHIND ELECTRICITY In This Chapter Understanding atomic structure Harnessing the laws of attraction and repulsion Controlling the flow of electrons Identifying an element’s conductivity and resistance Electronics is the study of devices that can control the flow of electricity. You can build devices that detect, measure, power, control, count, store, and transmit electricity—and much more. But in order to do all of these things, you first need to know what electricity is and how it flows.

    Semiconductors The elements in between the metals and the noble gases on the periodic table are generally semiconductors. Some elements commonly used as semiconductors are silicon (Si) and germanium (Ge). These elements can be combined with others to introduce impurities that can conduct electricity. This process is called doping, and when an element is used in this capacity, it is referred to as a dopant. Consider an atom of silicon, which has four electrons in its valence shell. When you look at multiple atoms of silicon, as shown in the following figure, you can see that they arrange themselves quite neatly into what is called a crystalline structure, meaning the atoms form a repeating pattern in each direction, with each of its electrons in the valence shell perfectly paired with its neighboring atom.

    If you have any two of the variables, you can solve for the other. For instance, if you have R and I, you can solve for V using this equation: V = R × I. Similarly, if you know the values of V and I, you can solve for R with this equation: R = V/I. Power In a direct current circuit, power is voltage multiplied by current. The unit of measurement for power is the watt (W), named after the Scottish scientist James Watt. One volt pushing one amp of current equals one watt. You may be more familiar with the term kilowatt (kW) as a unit of power.

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