As It Is Vol. 1 by Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche, Erik Pema Kunsang, Marcia Binder

By Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche, Erik Pema Kunsang, Marcia Binder Schmidt

The lessons provided in As it really is, quantity I are basically chosen from talks given via the Dzogchen grasp, Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche, in 1994 and 1995, over the past years of his existence. The unambiguous Buddhist conception of truth is transmitted in profound, uncomplicated language by way of one of many premiere masters within the Tibetan culture. Dzogchen is to take the ultimate end result, the nation of enlightenment itself, as direction. this is often the fashion of easily deciding on the ripened fruit or the absolutely bloomed flora. Tulku Urgyen's approach of speaking this knowledge was once to rouse the person to their strength and demonstrate the the right way to recognize and stabilize that potential. His exact educating sort used to be well known for its targeted directness in introducing scholars to the character of brain in a fashion that allowed speedy event. This booklet deals the direct oral directions of a grasp who encouraged admiration, appreciate perform, and deep belief and self belief within the Buddhist method.

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It's present right now. And it's something that we don't have to accept or reject. Don't do anything to it: don't adopt it, don't avoid it, don't entertain any hope or fear about it, don't try to change it or alter it or improve it in any way. It is not necessary at all. " And after noticing, we get involved again in whatever is taking place within our confused thinking. Sentient beings roam about in samsara in exacdy this fashion, A. it i• by chasing after their own thoughts. When they fed happy, they get engrossed in that and laugh and laugh.

Unless we do it in this lifetime, it is not going to happen all by itsel£ We have to take care of ourselves. Right now we have the ability to receive teachings and practice the Dharma. Isn't this the right time? Wouldn't that be better than continuing to act like an animal, concentrating only on eating and sleeping and letting the time run out? Why not take your future into your own hands? It is possible to realize our nature because we have experienced the great kindness of a fully enlightened one's appearance in this world.

Such omniscience is like knowing every single leaf on every single tree in the entire world. At the same time, while perceiving all these different individual states of mind, a buddha holds no conceptual thoughts. That's the kind of attainment we can reach if we practice. It's called the inconceivable nature. Please keep these points in mind. Continue your practice, ideally by equalizing life and practice, or, next best, by living in accordance with the Dharma. At the very least, give your assistance to spiritual endeavors and help in the teaching of the Dharma and in the maintenance of Rinpoche's monasteries.

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