Angelique and the King by Sergeanne Golon

By Sergeanne Golon

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Aren't you worried about your reputation? They'll start telling tales about us. " "Why, of course. Nothing is impossible to a valiant soul. I'm going to flirt with you, Madame. Just keep looking out the window. " He skipped over to the window and flattened his nose against the pane like a child. "What do you think of this place? Pleasant, isn't it? " Angélique kept her eyes on the gardens, but she laid her hand on the dwarf's shoulder. " By now the sun had melted the mists. The day would be cloudless, as bright and fresh as if it were springtime.

I was not," he said. "There's proof enough of the King's displeasure with me. " His loud tones had drawn the occupants of the neighboring rooms into the corridor. "Your wife is right, Marquis," interposed the Duc de Gramont. "You are wrong to be so pessimistic. " roared Philippe, pounding on the door again. " shouted Angélique, whose anger was also rising. "You displeased the King by refusing his invitations, by your late arrival. " Angélique’s words stuck in her throat. "How dare you blame me for that when you .

Louvois seemed astonished, but he said that if Madame du Plessis would remain in the corridor, he could perhaps join her as soon as the King retired to his conference room after receiving the petitions. "I shall be waiting. " "No, you shall not," said the voice of Philippe in her ear. "Madame, a wife owes obedience to her husband. I never gave you permission to appear at Court. You came here against my will. " "Philippe, you are absurd," Angélique replied in a voice as low as his. "Absurd, and not very subtle either.

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