All-seeing Boy and the Blue Sky of Happiness, The: A by Nick Kettles

By Nick Kettles

The All-Seeing Boy believed that there needs to be the way to make humans chuffed. Then he met the mysterious hobo Jason Carper Esquire who taught him concerning the blue sky of happiness . . . and our inherent, just a little magical skill to convey happiness to others.

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Rinpoche: Definitely. He is not biased in any way. He said two things about his continuing appearances in the conventional world. " He has promised that wherever there is supplication to him, he will appear in one way or another. It would not make any difference to him whether the people praying to him were Tibetans or someone else. tiJC +lisliJJ'Jf _A s explained earlier, when the Tara teaching came to Tibet, six different lineages T' appeared, which continue unbroken to the present day. When we talk about an unbroken lineage, it does not simply mean that a person has the text for the practice of Tara, gives it to someone else for copying, they do likewise, and in this way the words remain intact just as they were when it was first passed down.

Finally, there is the stage of completion or perfection (dzogrim), where we experience the visualizations and mantras free of fixation and duality and rest in a state beyond 23 24 The Wish-Fulfilling Wheel reference point. Thus we begin with the visualization, and finally transcend even that, coming to rest in a nonconceptual state, the ultimate nature of reality. These are, in some sense, the stages. Right now we are beginning to grasp what the stages are, but this is not enough. We must actually realize the stages and become inseparable from Tara.

The enlightenment of the Buddha is evidence that this is the true path. This is a pragmatic approach. Taking refuge in the Dharma in this way means acknowledging the path and making a commitment to the path. This is the true meaning of taking refuge in the Dharma. t6 It is sil)illar to the situation in which a sick person takes refuge in the treatment that is prescribed by his doctor. to the treatment as well as to the physician. In the mahayana form of refuge, we take refuge from this moment until we have achieved complete awakening - that is, until we have realized whatever the Buddha realized.

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