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This handbook of Tibetan meditation easily and carefully offers the profound Dzogchen and Mahamudra structures of perform. Karma Chagme units forth the levels of meditation perform together with the cultivation of meditative quiescence and perception, the experiential id of expertise, and the top steps of Mahamudra and Atiyoga resulting in ideal enlightenment in a single lifetime. Drawing from his huge, immense textual erudition and mastery of Tibetan oral culture, he exhibits how those meditative structures could be unified right into a unmarried , built-in method of figuring out the final word nature of realization. Karma Chagme was once an immense lineage-holder of the Karma Kagyu culture of Tibetan Buddhism, and his writings have additionally turn into critical to the Payul Nyingma order, making him a great determine to combine of the nice meditation platforms of Tibet: Mahamudra and Atiyoga.

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He was once a big lineage holder of the Karma Kagyu culture of Tibetan Buddhism. because the early Nineteen Seventies, he has taught millions of studinets in North the United States, the place he has verified numerous facilities for the learn and perform of Tibetan Buddhism.

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Phenomena are the presentation of the divine body. All sounds and voices are the six syllables. Sounds are the presentation of the divine speech. The mind is the self-arisen union, And memories and thoughts are the presentation of the divine mind. - Each of the six states of existence has a corresponding seed syllable. We, as impure human beings, have the seed syllable of Nri~. Even devas, both peaceful and wrathful, possess a seed syllable. In particular, the white seed syllable Hri~ symbolizes pure primordial wisdom unstained by the cycle of existence.

This is something we can easily do. You need no external machines or technology, and it costs nothing. Moreover, reciting 01J1 mm:zi padme hii1J1 either at the beginning or end of a meal has great benefit. Malevolent or obstructive forces may be purified, and the diseases they cause may be dispelled. Only the Buddhas can calculate the great benefit of reciting this mantra. - The Hundred and Eight Names of Avalokitesvara states: The Lord said, "If a son or a daughter of good breeding brings Arya Avalokitesvara to mind and recites 01J1 marzi padme hu1J1, that person will not be born in a miserable state of existence and will not go to Avid.

The pledge beings and the primordial wisdom beings become nondual. You may ask again, if the very nature of our present awareness is primordially that of Avalokitesvara, why must we perform this visualization? Truly, there is no need. So why do we do it? Because it is auspicious. For all practices of the stage of generation, this process is the same. The essential point is to purify our grasping onto impurity so that pure vision can arise. This purification process takes place by employing skillful means, which include the two stages of generation and completion.

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