150 Puzzles in Crypt-Arithmetic by Maxey Brooke

By Maxey Brooke

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PUZZLES 35 103. Here are four squares in triangular array vertically and horizontally. The largest is a multiple of 11. xxxx xxx xx x 104. x .. 7+ .. 7 . 4.. - 9 = 1. 7+ .. = .. 3. 0 = 5 .. 105. xxA ABx xxxD xxD xxB xxxxxx 106. CENT _ MINE _ CLE I CE - 107. EAU x EAU = OCEAN 108. This is a magic square. All rows and columns add up to the same number. MO NE DS SN TD ID NM TE ES NE S I DO NT ID ES NS MO ID TD NO IT NM TS TT DN 36 PUZZLES 109. All ten digits are found in the multiplier and the multiplicand, and all the l's are given.

AAA x BC = ADADA BBB x CA = CCBEE PUZZLES 26 65. ABC C A DEB BED A C C B A By replacing the letters with numbers, and reading right to left, up and down, left to right, and down and up, you obtain eight prime numbers, each used twice. To save a long research in a table of primes, it is necessary only to know that the sum of the digits of the four numbers forming the sides of the square is 60, and the sum of the digits of the four numbers forming the interior square is 16. 66. QUI PREND *** **** *** *** CA ) * * * * * * * ( * * * * * * ** *** *** *** *** o 67.

Hunter was struck with the possibilities of a new name "alphametic" to indicate puzzles in which real words were used. The result was that in the October 27, 1955, issue of the Toronto Globe & Mail there appeared FUN WITH FIGURES by J. A. H. Hunter It's just an easy alphametic today: merely a matter of commonsense and a little patience. Each letter stands for a different figure, and you're asked to find the number represented by ABLE. BE)ABLE(SIR MR RRL RLM BE BE So a new name was born. The following eight puzzles are from Mr.

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